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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Inscripigeons?

Inscripigeons are 5,000 original pixel art images of one of the most global species of bird, found in nearly every country, the pigeon. These pigeon artworks are stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain via the Ethscription protocol utilising the transaction calldata and hex code.

Who made the Inscripigeons?

The Inscripigeons project was created by Wusgood and Max Bridgland.

Where can I connect with other holders?

Inscripigeons will not have an official Discord. Our Official X account is the only place to find the Inscripigeons team. This will also host a private X Community to connect with holders.

Where can I trade Pigeons?

Inscripigeons will be listed on all Ethscription marketplaces, however we encourage the use of our official sponsors

Is there a license on Inscripigeons?

Inscripigeons will be CC0, Open Source and in the public domain.
CCO enables artists, creators and owners of copyright- or database-protected content to waive those interests in their works and thereby place them as completely as possible in the public domain, so that others may freely build upon, enhance and reuse the works for any purposes without restriction under copyright or database law.
tldr: Do whatever you like with the pigeons, the assets, all of it. Whenever you want, without asking.

This work (Inscripigeons, by wusgood), identified by wusgood, is free of known copyright restrictions.

Public Domain Mark